Google Pixelbook 12IN Laptop : Review , Specs and Price!

Google Pixelbook 12IN Laptop : Review , Specs and Price!


It isn’t anyt any mystery that the fact is that Google Pixelbook 12in have become a makeover with individualized appearances may want to come as a marvel to a few human beings.

The main difference between Chromebooks in comparison to traditional laptops and computer systems is in the importance placed on speed and performance. They also run a working device that is a step up over the traditional PC, Chrome OS. The operating machine is a cloud-based, completely garage-like device that Google claims is one of its most technological capabilities and also an array of security layers that protect against various types of security threats.

It’s been a while because we’ve enjoyed a heavenly Chromebook but this Google Pixelbook 12in a fantastic example of what a top class Chromebook can offer thanks to its elegant design and high-end performance enhancements and a lower price that has dominated the market with it.

Descriptions to Google Pixelbook 12

Did you know? It is the Google Pixelbook 12in tablet is the most flexible device available. It can function as a tablet as well as an laptop.

This Google Pixelbook also makes an ideal entertainment device. The fun features and appearance is the main reason behind this. It is possible to get access to the tent using two methods. You first use the hotkey and then use the voice activation. Let’s take a look at the specs that come with Google Pixelbook.

Major Features

Processor 7th Gen Intel Core I5 Processor
RAM 16gb Ram
SSD 512gb Storage
Battery 10 Hours Of Battery Life On Full Charge
Design 4 In 1 Convertible Design
Display 360 Degree Touchscreen Display With 2400 X 1600 Resolution
OS Chrome OS
Turn On Time It Turns On In Less Than 10 Seconds
Google Assistant Yes It Supports Google Assistant
Pen Stylus Pen Support
Communication Bluetooth And Wifi

What’s it? Google Pixelbook 12in?


  • It’s driven by the Intel Core i5 7th Generation CPU. The CPU was made available by Intel. This is a two-core Intel L5-7y57 CPU that operates at 1.2GHz with the clock speed of 1.2GHz.
  • Are you interested in finding out how many storage options the pixelbook notebooks have? This is the notebook for you! It has 8GB of memory and 128GB of SSD. But that’s not all! A storage device that is external is also able to be connected.
  • Google Pixelbook laptops may come with additional storage options. This can be done by via Type C ports. There are 2 Type C ports on your device.
  • Display size measures 12.3in.
  • Google Chrome Pixelbook offers sharp and clear vision. This is the case in every setting. Even in well-lit settings. Its built-in Intel HD graphics cards is the reason for this. The resolution of the display is 2400×1600. Its brightness is 400nit.
  • There are 2 modes for operation. It also has a touch mode. Pixel pen pen can also be utilized. It is also available with Google Pixel, which is the Google Pixel Chromebook. It lets you draw or write, as well as explore easily.
  • One Lithium-ion charge can run for 12 hours.
  • It’s ideal for multitasking.
  • Google Pixel Book 12 offers the internal storage capacity of 512GB.
  • This device is a fantastic backup solution. It allows users to save documents and other data to use offline.

Google Pixelbook 12in Review




1. The Audio Is Crystal Clear

Many people are wondering what is the audio feature of this ultra-light pixelbook from Ogle is. Even though it’s slim it has speakers under the keyboard. Specific audio features provide the most immersive audio experience for the user. The audio jack has a diameter of 3.5mm which can be utilized in conjunction with other audio equipment. Furthermore, high-definition audio is a feature Chrome bookmakers give customers.

2. The Best Processor With Low Heat

The pixelbook 12in from Google comes with top-quality processor. The processors in the near future are able to deliver a satisfying experience. Google Pixelbook is a standout from the rest of the devices due to its top of the line processor. Low power and lower heat are the main attributes that are offered by this Intel processor. This is Google’s Google Pixelbook that uses the Y series Intel processor, which is able to prevent overheating. There aren’t any fans to control heat as on the earlier models.

3. The Size and The Quality Of Google’s Pixelbook 12in

The style that is Google Pixelbook is appealing. Google Pixelbook is appealing that is stylish and sturdy. The laptop is only 0.5 centimeters in thickness. It’s lightweight. But thanks to its compact design, it doesn’t compromise the quality of this laptop. The frame made of magnesium is a unique feature that is exclusive for the Google Pixelbook 12. The Smooth And Intuitive Touch

The trackpad that is glass in the Google’s Google Pixelbook is one of the most exciting features. The experience of using it is comfortable, because it can be used with hand gestures that are either single or multi-hand. It comes with the best keyboard and touch according to reviews. The precision of the touch makes it perfect for working environments. The majority of laptops that are thin do not have touchscreen capabilities. But, it’s evident that the Google Pixelbook is unique as it gives a wonderful tactile experience.

4. The Innovative Pixel Pen

To enjoy the best Google Pixelbook experience using the Pixel pen is crucial. The stylus utilized in Pixelbook is worth every cent. Response to pressure as well as setting that this stylus can provide is quite a bit. It is possible to be imaginative and innovative using this pen. If you’re an avid sketcher with a stylus, then Pixelbook is well worth the effort.

What Makes This PC Not the same as Others?

The Google Pixelbook 12in PC Is A Top of the line PC That Offers Many Astonishing Highlights. One Of The Most Remarkable Elements Is Its 360-Degree Pivot. This Permits You To Involve The PC In Different Positions, Which Is Ideal For While You’re Dealing with The Go. Moreover, The Google Pixelbook Accompanies An Intel Center I5 Processor, 8GB Of Slam, And A 128GB Strong State Drive.

These Specs Make This PC Ideal For Running Requesting Applications And Performing multiple tasks. One more Extraordinary Element Of The Google Pixelbook Is Its 12in Touch Screen Show. This Permits You To Cooperate With Your PC In A More Regular Manner. Generally speaking, The Google Pixelbook Is An Extraordinary PC For The individuals Who Are Searching For Very good quality Execution And Elements.

Pro’s and Cons’s Of Google Pixelbook 12in

  • Elegant
  • Lightweight
  • thin design
  • Stellar display
  • Exceptional performance
  • Expensive
  • Average battery life

Frequently Asked Question & Answer on Google Pixelbook 12in

Q1 – Do Android Apps Run On Pixelbook?

Ans – The Pixelbook supports both Android as well as Chrome Apps, as Previously stated in an article. This means that Pixelbook users can easily download and install Android applications. Android apps can also be downloaded through Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Android apps can be saved to Google Pixelbook 12in Google Pixelbook 12inand can be utilized offline. In the end, Android apps are able to be used without Internet Connection. With Pixelbook 12, you can use the Pixelbook 12, you may play videos and enjoy music.

Q2 – Can I Run Windows 10 On Pixelbook?

Ans – It is true that Google Pixelbook 12in is compatible in conjunction with Windows 10. It’s a relatively rare Google device that runs Windows. The only downside is the limited storage space.

Q3 – What Operating System Does Pixelbook Utilize?

Ans – The operating system it runs on is the primary element to consider Pixelbook purchasers. It runs Chrome OS. Chrome is designed to update itself continuously. Apart from automatic updates and anti-virus, it also has a firewall. In addition the Chrome Operating System is fast and reliable all day long.

Q4 – Does Playing Games Possible on Pixelbook?

Ans – Since the Pixelbook can run Android applications it is possible to play games. Android games can also be downloaded through Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Q5 – Can You Utilize Microsoft Office On Pixelbook?

Ans – Yes, a Google Pixelbook laptop does use Microsoft Office. It also allows the uploading of files, editing and opening. It also allows conversion of Microsoft Office files. In turn, Pixelbook can work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Q6 – Does Pixelbook come with Bluetooth connectivity?

Ans – Its 12-inch Google Pixelbook comes with Bluetooth. It suggests that Pixelbook Accessories are Interchangeable. Also an audio device, mouse as well as a keyboard can all be utilized with the Pixelbook.


When compared to the Pixelbook’s specs display, design, along with other options, rival Chromebooks don’t have the same luster. But, it is able to hold its own against a vast selection of major Windows and iOS competitors in the market.

The only thing that could hinder someone from purchasing the Google Pixelbook 12in is the price, and the short battery lifespan.

Pixelbook Pixelbook is the top instance for Chrome OS-powered devices, if you don’t have to worry about spending money.

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